• Who is the target population for answering the questionnaire?
    All residents of Jerusalem, or anyone who works in Jerusalem.
  • Why is my participation important?
    Your participation is very important to us! If more residents provide us with this data, we will be able to advise business owners on what is needed and where. This way we can bridge the lack of information and provide the needs of neighborhood residents, as well as those of the entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Which neighborhoods are participating in this initiative?
    All city neighborhoods are participating in the survey - north, south, east and west!
  • Does this service cost money?
    The service is provided free and is intended for the welfare of city residents and entrepreneurs.
  • How many times can I answer the questionnaire from my electronic device?
    You can complete the questionnaire from any electronic device (mobile, computer, tablet, etc.) once as a Jerusalem resident and once as someone who works in Jerusalem.
  • When will we know the results?
    After we finish gathering all of the data, we will process it and create a database that will be open on demand to whomever is interested, likely by June 2017.
  • How can I know which business in my neighborhood has the greatest demand?
    After completing the questionnaire you can view data on demand for businesses and services in your neighborhood or in other neighborhoods in Jerusalem.
  • How can I know if the business I've chosen will open in my neighborhood?
    We will not be keeping tabs to see when businesses open but we are quite confident that if a business opens in your neighborhood, you will hear about (and you can be proud - you also have a part in the process!).
  • How can I see the full results?
    Please leave your personal details in the "Contact" box, stating if you are an entrepreneur or business owner. After collecting and processing all information, we will invite you to a meeting and present the full survey results.
  • Whom do I contact if I want to use this data?
    Please leave your personal details and request and we will be in touch shortly, after completing the data collection and processing stage.
  • What benefits do you offer any entrepreneur?
    Maof's entrepreneurship consultants and the Department for Business Advancement in the Jerusalem Municipality will provide ""Coming Soon"" businesses with a variety of incentives.
    Entrepreneurs will be offered personal support in the initial stages of their business development, help in preparing a business plan and raising required funds, on-on-one consultation on the licensing process, relevant training, etc.
    Please leave your contact details and we will be in touch as soon as possible.